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Appointments by phone, Skype, Threema or Whatsapp.

If you want to experience a reading by Holistic Hellen, you have the opportunity to book a 20 minutes online appointment.
You will be charged a symbolic fee of $1,00. There is no obligation for further appointments. For Private clients I charge a 4 figure fee per Healing Journey. Some need severall sessions and a VIP training will be included. Business clients are welcome also.

You can schedule in an Online Reading appointment in the coming days only.
No exceptions.   You will find t
he Booking app below the picture.

For a Healing Journey, timeslots  for a month into the future are made available.

I look forward to talk to you. Why do you want to spend quality time with me? People tend to enjoy their amazement that I can tell them stuff about themselves I should not be able to know.  So, here is your shot, book your 20 minutes call. After that 20 minutes we decide if we are a match to work together on your issues and if available, we continue into a Healing journey. If no time slots available. We set the appointment 2 to 21 days after that online reading. 

If we decide not to work with each other, I hope to give you the right nudge you need to move forward in your life. I always enjoy to meet new people, online and offline. I love to read all the issues your spirit, your higher self and your subconsious self show me, to bring awareness into you. So don’t be shy, chances are it feels like old friends catching up over a cup of coffee.  

Consultations are to help overcome suffering NOW

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These Skype consultations take you along a journey to find the root of your current suffering. My abilitiy to scan your physical body, your overall health, the ability to read your subconsious self, including your past lifes trauma’s and your current auric issues makes it a whole lot easier. Let me be the extra pair of eyes you need right now to overcome your pain and suffering. Let me be the healing agency assisting you to reach your next life phase.

Do you seek more? More Depth?

Then schedule in your Healing Journey with Holistic Hellen.
This is a life changing 4 hour appointment, where we will explore and shift your past, so your future looks more brighter then before. This is for some the beginning to more, like trainings, for another it is enough to process for the next 2 years.

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do you want to follow a training

Then you are on the wrong page. Please click on the Training Packages if you want to go big and dive deep.

For private and Business clients.

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