make the best choice

Is this the choice which changes your life forever?

Probably you have met me in real life and I have told you some interesting stuff or gave you an experience you could not explain your rational self, but you are pretty sure something happened and changed.

What if you choose to work with me? 

What could happen there? Will Holistic Hellen be able to read your problems?

Would it be the choice in your life which changes your life forever? 

Would your pain fade without having to take liver burdening medication?

Would your anxieties no longer take over your life and will you be freed of your burdening inner secrets which are holding you back?

Then this a pretty important choice to make. Do you want change, or do you want to move back into your comfort zone?
Are you curious enough? If you’ve read some blogs you meanwhile  do understand I will face you with information and experiences you have never met anywhere else.  Your inner awareness will be raised, you will be enabled to bring coherence between you subconscious selves and your higher selves. That is a pretty amazing development. It is way beyond what is being regularly taught in the business world or spiritual world. 

And to be clear, you need perseverance and commitment to become aware of your self aspects, the aspects which influence every minute of your life, your daily outcome. Though I and my team will assist you if problems are rising and you are stimulated by external factors to give up. We will find a way that you will pull through, plough through your personal karma. Find out what it is what your really desire and we will find you a path where you will find it in your life. You will rise as a phoenix out of the ashes.

There I have been through a rough path in life myself I have a deep understanding for your wounds and your problems. I  have embraced my powers of compassion, grace and forgiveness. I have acknowledged my destructive powers when I am angry or upset. Yes, I admit it, I am as human as you are 😉

I am gonna give you the most simple explanation my teacher once gave us. If God wants to built, he first sends over his angels of darkness to destruct, so then he can send his angels of light to built.

Meaning, in each evil/pain there is a function, it is not meant to fear or allow it be reason to live passively or the excuse to withhold us. It is not meant to destruct us, neither can we pursue the foolish believe that we should destruct evil. It simple shows us that we carry unprocessed wounds within us. We live in a world of dualities, why not embrace functionality over interpretation by old religions or governments? Why not form and practice independent thinking? So let’s first clear out all the rubbish out of our past and our previous incarnations, so we can built towards a sustainable, healthy future on our shared planet earth. Because if you haven’t realized it yet, we, mankind share all the same home, we all live on planet Earth. So did our ancestors, so do our offspring.

How is your life contributing to a sustainable earth? Sometimes it are just the small things as raising your family with awareness, trust and joy. Sometimes it means you make career decisions which supports your society one way or another.

So if there is anything I can do for you that changes your life in a for your aspired outcome, give me a call. We can find out what it is you need from me and my angelic helpers and the Lords of Karma. Orrrrr, subscribe to the enrollment mailing of Shift your Destiny.



Holistic Hellen is more then just hellen Tiethoff alone

When you work with Holistic Hellen, you will meet a whole team. Okay, not persee a Team you would expect.

Why choose to work with her, with them? There is a way to find out what the benefits are from a holistic consultant. Be as those who went before.
As they say it in the sports business.
             Just do it.

Let’s find out how your life changes. Let’s shift your Destiny.

Gerard, the life and business partner handles certain aspects of the business, also he backs her up in the spiritual field. There are more connections to rely on. Via Holistic Hellen you can work with an excellent Swiss Holistic Coach specialized in Love  and Relationships. Or if your path desires you can receive phone healings from an awesome American spiritual teacher with the uncommon background  of  nuclear engineer. All this to ensure you to receive the best information and input what your personal process requires. Further is Holistic Hellen well connected with a broad variety of metaphysical healing agencies, who  stem from different planes of existence and offer several services. 

All these connections makes her an authentic holistic entrepreneur.