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It was quiet at work, it was a rainy day. preventing a hurdle of tourists from making the hike upon the Bürgenstock hill, taking the epic elevator up. It was boring, and so I decided it was enough for the day and left work. I was taking shelter for the rain, and it was why I stood pressed against the metal doors of the famous Hammetschwand Lift. Unexpected I felt how my body moved forward. Between my body moving forward and what happened then, there was almost no time to think about wtf my body was doing. Kabaaammmm. Lightning struck into the top of the elevator. While the force was throwing my body forward, making me do a leap of several meters, landing on the wooden boards. While landing the intense thunder vibrated through my body.

I gasped my breath, and I remember hearing myself thinking “ I am alive..! I will now do what I fancy.”

What if I told you, this is the second experience in my life of 3 times being almost struck by lightning? It sure explains why I have a sensitive nervous system. Does it explain why I was called to be a healer, a metaphysical teacher? I don’t know. It is not a typical life experience with whom there are many I can share experiences with. And of those I have many.

What drove me to explore alternative methods?

One of the biggest impacts in my life not to pursue accepting any form of medical and mental care occurred when I was a teenager. My mother remarried after the divorce when I was 13 years old. My stepdad was a farmer and I grew to be very fond of him. I liked his clarity and his way of parenting. I loved the farm and later the house with an enormous yard he bought for us in our original hometown. In my teens I really had the feeling I had found my true dad. But this dad had a downside, which was depression and according to the practitioner psychosomatic pain. This pain burdened him so much that he sold his farm. Not feeling recognized by his practitioner, he followed the tip of his brother in law, who had over 10 years of experience driving an ambulance in Germany. He led him self check in on the psychiatric department of the local hospital. What he didn’t foresee that he was drugged, which he could not handle. He let himself be dismissed out the hospital after six weeks. Meanwhile I had started my first year at the Hotel school where my mom send me to as a way to overcome my shyness. I enjoyed getting great results with the tests and I remember on this sunny day in the fall, how my stepdad and I got into a fight once he threw away my resumees I had made for school. Can you imagine how it felt as a teen to get into a fight with your stepdad the first day he got back home?

Well, this was the last time I saw him, he died that night.

Ironic is that the day he was cremated the hospital had indeed scheduled in a keyhole surgery, that what wasn’t possible before he had himself admitted.

Deep into my subconscious mind my hurt inner self saw from then on mental care equals death.
So, I, my subconscious selves did everything what was in my power to explore alternative methods to overcome pain and suffering. Life threw many more traumatic experiences into my life to overcome. I had plenty of opportunities to test several methods on my own and later I saw how it benefitted my clients. Now I can feel grateful for being left in the dark as a teenager.

I just love to write. As others love to talk endless, I love to write. But that should be clear to you once you scroll through this website… Please, go ahead, read…


Sometimes Life shakes your world upside down to inspire you, to redirect you upon another path of life, to make sure you have your priorities straight. If you were blindfolded and not willing to listen to several signs, Life will send you messages you can not avoid. If you are not able to translate the signals Life will send others in your life to translate these for you. You’d better listen unless you have no problems with the man with the sledgehammer…

I just love the conversations with my now 11 years old son. Since the day he was conceived , spirituality is as normal for him as making a peanut butter sandwich. When he had a big fight with his best friend, he was devastated. I taught him how to use relationship space roses. To clear out the excessive energies in their relationship space. When I picked him up from school his smile went from ear to ear, they where friends again! Once I taught him the differences between small band telepathy and broadband telepathy he understood the quality of teaching better. The difference which is individual focused vs group focused. But not all understand this concept, which is often taught completely subconscious. It is easy for me to find the right timing to make a phone call with him. When I ignore the incoming sense of his availability which he sends clearly via small band telepathy,  it becomes quickly obvious that I catch him while playing a videogame and those phone calls never last long. Nowadays we live on 800 km from each other. Can you imagine how useful it is to catch the proper information within communications?

I have embraced myself after life’s experiences hurted me deeply, after I stumbled down, after I fell low, and after I rose up again..


To be where I am now I have suffered several sorts of personal trauma, shock occurred and I felt a desire to understand what causes my Life’s experiences what is a true drive in my life. I have learned to be compassionate with myself and others. The more I recognised what my life lessons where, the more holistic I processed them, the more effortless my life changed. I have learned to be humble, though my ego like to be very alive and kicking. I have learned that listening to the signs of my body and my intuition leads me towards health on all levels. Sadly, I had to learn the hard way. The true gift in this is that I have understanding for your suffering. I can see and feel your wounds and I can help you overcome them much faster than I did. My suffering caused me to investigate and search for paths to heal. I have created protocols so you can heal much faster and you don’t have to feel burdened any longer than necessary.


About my personal story & journey of life

I have followed  all of my personal and career oriented desires.

I have worked in hospitality service for over 18 years. From a fine french bistro in the Netherlands with a repard rouge from Michelin to a Swiss mountain restaurant. From a Pizzeria in a well known Swiss Skiing Area “Engelberg” to the freshly re opened 5* Superior Hotel Resort Buergenstock at Lake Lucerne. And I have loved food always and everywhere. I graved for fatty, salty foods and ate 3 warm meals a day and was lucky not to gain any weight.

But… I have endured many personal and physical trauma’s in my life. I became full Psychic and clear voyant in 1999. My angels have not left my side since then and I have met some awesome new ones. Demons kept interfering and brought painful unprocessed life lessons to my attention at moments it did not suit me. They forced me to deal with my shit, which brought me to great insights. I have been chronique fatigued  for decades and had no clue what caused it.

I suffered under years of brain fog and could not remember what I was doing the moment I turned around or came in another room. I have suffered 6 miscarriages and the doctors where clueless why… I have visited several doctors who did not take my symptoms serious, this made me discouraged to go see another doctor.


Participating the education at the Spiritual Arts Academy gave great relieve, It gave me answer why I could get angry easily and learned how to recognize the grief, shame and guilt feelings I tried to cover up with anger. I learned to recognise how it feels when some one is intruding my personal space. I had years of testing the learned tools on myself and others. It gave me answers how a huge fight with my now ex husband during the pregnancy of my son, has triggered past life karma which resulted in a severe postnatal depression. It took me 8 years till I found the core life which caused much anxieties in my life and I am happy to live without these extremely heavy burdens. Not only because I was able to recognise it and process the severe trauma, also because of the connections I gained with several healing spirits who are able to assist in the process of processing emotions, completing karma, dissolving black magical influences etc.  I started teaching others in 2009 some simple spiritual techniques which changed their lives also. Since then hundreds have received teachings in one form or another.


During many experiences at the Spiritual Arts Academy, I saw stuff in my body I could not explain. 20 years ago I spoke to an oncologist that I could see a scan of a body, but not understanding what I saw. Since I came across Anthony William, I understand what I perceive. What a blessing. Makes my life so much more comfortable. Now my physic gift makes sense.

I learned what to eat to heal my nervous system which has suffered tremendously from the 2 whiplashes and my burnout. Vit. B12; Adenosylcobalamin is the answer. This type of vitamin b12 takes care of the nervous system, in contradiction with the vitamin b12 sylcobalamin which takes care of the organs.
I learned how important it was to hydrate myself. Being well hydrated prevents many issues, starting with the liver and blood. So I gave my liver and heart a break by diminishing having too thick blood pumping through my body. Drinking each morning my lemon water and implementing cucumber anywhere in my diet.
I learned which food to juice or to eat i.o. to detox myself of the heavy metals feeding off the Epstein Bar virus. I love especially the local wild blueberries which not only extract all sorts of garbage out of my brain, it also fills up those tiny space which used to be filled up with heavy metals or GMO. And the results of celery juice… I just love it!

I learned that the heavy metal’s where responsible for my kicking legs syndrome, which annoyes us when we watch tv cosey. Can you imagine, sitting next to your spouse and all of a sudden you get kicked by this frickin kicking leg syndrome? Well, that happens Gerard for years now. I learned that when my face rashed it was because of a shingle virus nourished itself and leaving dermatoxins behind, popping out in my face. I learned why my joints hurt after I ate dairy and gosh, did I love all sorts of cheeses, yogurts, etc. This symptom is also Epstein Barr virus related. I learned why a nice juicy sandwich with egg and bacon triggered a migraine.

For those who do not want to spend their precious time to dig into his 5 books, over 50 radioshows and numerous blogs – although I cordially invite you to do so – I am willing to assist you in your own path towards a healthy life. Of course, my ability to scan your body clear voyant on health deficiencies makes it easy.

I certainly do not have the same gift as Anthony William though I am aware that my scanning gift can be a massive help for you. Eventually combined with spiritual Psychic surgery work you can become much faster on a healthy track then without all the information I can share with you. Whatever guidance you choose, make sure you follow the advice of the Medical Medium himself. Do not take yourself less serious than you deserve. His information is the best I have yet encountered. If he advices 16 ounces of celery juice on an empty stomach, trust him. Otherwise, read his book where it will be completely explained to you.

Finally, I have found my Home

You might notice by my use of language that English is not my mother tongue. I was born in the Netherlands, this tiny country in Europe many world citizens just love us Dutchies for our art of being. I just grew up watching cartoon network during the weekend, this is where I picked up my English, and of course, participating in the Spiritual Arts Academy in English attributes to my ability to express myself. In the Netherlands, many speak English. If you didn’t know, Holland is flat as a young woman with no titties. No hills, no mountains. All over the web site, you see pictures of me near hills and mountains. 

I was lucky as a teenager to have an uncle asking me if I wanted a summer job in the restaurant of a friend of him. Who would have known that would lead me to find my sense of being Home? It turned out that his friend had bought a fair spot of the local mountain which is pretty sacred to me, the Stanserhorn. Perhaps you ever heard of it, it has nowadays worlds only Cabrio funicular. The area of Lake Lucerne feels like Home. Even though I went back to Holland to give birth to my son 11 years ago, My birth country never gave me a sense of fitting in. I had no sense of belonging. Being fed up with my female drama’s caused by me feeling severe homesick, Gerard decided to move back to Switzerland. Since then I am Home. Loving each day, loving hearing the Swiss German language of which German will assure you to be far away from the German language. I love it when we go out and traveling through Nidwalden, facing the mountains which are sacred to me, I feel blessed, living the life I fancy…

Intentioning ° Prayer ° Mantra ° Affirmation

May we become an implement of healing and commit ourselves to the healing of pain and suffering of mankind. May it be with the blessings of the creator so it may manifest in a state of wisdom, love, and compassion.