In one of my latest blogs “Factors of influence on your well being” I promised to go deeper into our 12 senses.

Let me start with some storytelling before summing up our 12 senses.

You might not agree with it, but shock and trauma, re occurring events in your life are besides a pain in the ass, also excellent opportunities to get to know your whole self. It allows you to learn which sense is being disturbed by any kind of shock or trauma, which sense is in a pretty high gear and which sense is almost dormant.

As a holistic Soulhealer I read often some pretty traumatic and shocking stuff. Once every few years I start to complain that I do not see that much anymore on a psychic level. This used to keep myself rattled of the cause. Nowadays I know that once you overburden a sense, it shuts down out of self preservation. Once you clear shock and trauma out of a sense, it functions properly again. The advantage of dealing with a sense which is out of balance, you first natural reaction is to rely on another sense and you spend time and attention training this other sense.

The major problem as I read trauma and shock in my clients and in myself is that my subconscious and/or inconscious self is not able to differentiate reality by fiction and it get’s burdened, it get’s overloaded by “trash”which is not really our concern but get’s in either how. This sense being overburdened such as the sense of sight is easy in these days. If you are not like me, watching television and reading the latest news can provide the same result. A sense which shuts of due to willing to prevent being saturated by trauma.

Let me give you an explanation, a story of a few years ago, when we still lived in the Netherlands. I was starting to complain that my physic skills were getting less and seeing causes was less easy. I asked myself why. I had no instant answers from my angels or guides. They know that I prefer to learn from experiences. So that is what occurred. I have a partner who loves to watch action movies. And as in any relationship, he enjoys it when I join him once in while, sitting on the couch, watching together a movie of his liking. One day he let me choose a movie and being fooled by the cover, we watched a movie which turned out to be quit horrific and a lot of torture went down. I went into total shock, I got upset and blaming Gerard. Instead of getting into an argument I was clear enough that the movie scenes simply touched past life torture memories. I guess now I have my guardian angels to thank for this, he must have send me a flash which allowed me to get back to my senses.

It took me an hour to investigate my whole self, my aura layer’s, my chakra’s, all of my senses. I recovered frozen self aspects and allowed them to grow up to total present time, before the angels and me let them re-integrate with my past life incarnations aspect of those lives.

It gave me a gift also. While looking into this I started to recognise the role of some one I had encountered these weeks, due to family affairs. The healing gave me the explanation why each time I met this certain person I got upset and feelings of hate tried to take over my compassionate being. I requested the Angels to call in a lord of Karma and received a karmic resolution healing on all self aspects. Once the Lord of Karma did and I thought again of her, instead of reacting with repulsion I felt neutral. That felt better ;-).

The weeks passed and I noticed that my psychic sense of seeing revived and reading got much more easy. Then it is just as if laying two puzzle pieces together and I do not have to stumble twice over the same stone to learn something like this. Now when I realize that one of my senses is getting down, I have to take some time to pay attention what shock and trauma need to get cleared to recover the sense and have it back rolling in a high gear. And I trust that once I start asking questions about why I react a certain way, Universe will provide answers, one way or another. One just have to be clear enough to recognise that events occurring in life are not to punish you, but to allow to gain insight in yourself and in your past life influences.

What is your story?

When you look back into your life, have you ever asked yourself some questions and do you realize now that in the time that followed situations occurred and gave you answers?

Don’t forget that Universe is always attuned to your inner level of development. Meaning that if you do not have conscious acces to angels and lords of karma etc, they will assist you and leading you to answers within your capacity. They will either have you bump into some one who gives you the right answers, or you are lead to a book or website with the right information you need to level up your inner knowledge.

If you think you are not psychic, don’t worry. This is no more than training your senses. If you have trained several senses in past lives, it will be much easier in this life. You can imagine with our world, with so many billions of people that there are many differences in inner development. Many religions and spiritual, mental or emotional belief systems guide people in their own unique process of development. And probably you are right there where your soul wants you to be.

Another piece of information

This also no more than lack of information, of which I think really needs to get into the world. Are you aware that besides of our physical body we have subtle bodies? Let’s do a sum up. We have our:

  • Physical body, the one most living human is aware of.
  • subtle physical body, here is where our meridians reside.
  • etheric body, here is where our chakra’s reside, can not leave our aura.
  • astral body, can leave the aura and can be used for astral wandering.
  • mental body, can leave the aura and can be used for mental wandering.
  • spiritual body, can leave the aura.

In these subtle bodies we have the same organs and senses. If you are aware or are naturally connected to all of your bodies it will be a normal experience to have contact with people who are deceased. This is no more then a simple example of being well connected to your astral body’s ears. If they still live in the astral and talk to you, you can hear them. There is nothing magical about that. It is simple a connection of all our bodies. It is nothing to be scared of, it is a natural occurrence. Lack of information scares people and puts parents, teachers, any parental role in the position to tell their kids to shut up or they might be seen as crazy and has to be put in a mental hospital. Those who are lucky and choose wisely before getting into this current incarnation, have parents who accepts them the way they are and are not told to shut their senses of and will grow up having trust in them selves.

What is your personal experience? Did you had to shut up and did you experience a fear based life or have you gained opportunities to experience a life which is trust based? Even if you grew up fear based, that is okay, that is simply how your soul choose to start this current life of yours. You have experienced and learned your life lessons. True Trust is something which can be planted in you as a small seed which can grow and flower. You never know when it blossoms up. Sometimes it needs an encounter of one who lives in full Trust, sometimes it needs reading a blog, written by one who lives Trust. It can be fired up in you in unexpected moments. Life chooses your perfect timing. If you overcome the burdens of feelings of shame, humiliation and guilt, Trust in life, Trust in yourself will accompany you on a daily base.

As an adult you need to live a life based on Trust. You must be capable to trust your senses and intuition to make good decisions. Not only for your personal life where you show your kids how to rely on themselves, you rely on trusting your senses on the job also. Especially those who work in the Human Resource field, the company relies on your decision making…

Anthroposophy, the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner

Let me ask you if you have ever heard of Anthroposophy ? It sounds like anthropology but that is something different. Wikipedia states that:

“Anthroposophy is the philosophy founded by Rudolf Steiner that postulates the existence of an objective, intellectually comprehensible spiritual world, accessible to human experience through inner development.”

The first time I got in touch with a practical from of anthroposophy was when I moved down the mountain in 2005. The house I started living in was on the property of biological demeater farm/pension for horses. Back in those days I had no idea of the harming influence of eating conventional food on my health. Luckily one of my housemates took time to explain me something simple but important. I will get back to that another time. Back to the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner. A student of his philosophy, the Dutch Albert Soesman, GP and Anthroposophical doctor who lived in the Hague, wrote an excellent introductory book about the 12 senses.

It was first when my teacher Joseph Holzer did a years series of Healing Evenings based upon the 12 senses that I realized how important the conscious experience of these senses are. A nice touch that one of the students of the schools attended as a doctor by Albert Soesman attended the healing evenings. Senses I use already for many, many years, without realizing it is actually a sense. Way back in time when I had to walk home from the trainstation after catching a train home from my restaurant work, I used to send energy ahead of me to sense if that road was save for me to walk.

What happened once I didn’t take the warning signals seriously

The following story contains an example of the sense of self movement and the sense of balance.
“Years later when I worked with my ex husband in his company it worked well for me also. His company (Fiets)BOB*™, drove clients home. Clients who had consumed too much alcohol or too much drugs to be allowed to drive home would call us. We would hop on our bike and drove them home in their own car with our fold-able mountainbike in the trunk. When I went from customer to customer on my bike in the middle of the night, I knew exactly which road to take and which road was not safe to take. One night I sensed a brutal negative sexual predator energy. I was late for the next appointment and the other road would take to much time. I guessed the energy was half an hour before me there so I made the choice to take this road, assuming the guy would be long gone. It was a lane with no houses next to it, so if something happened no one who would come to the rescue. I made this decision in a split second. I was wrong… I saw him hundreds meters away so I simply stepped on the peddles and gained speed. He was drunk and tossed across the lane. He did try to pull me of the bike but there I was so centered I avoided that and pursuit my journey to my clients. My heartbeat was raised and my mind was focused on passing without problems. A typical example that my adrenal glands flushed a lot of adrenaline. I remember that I recognised that the guy was possessed by an entity living off brutal sexual energies filled with resistance. I remember calling bad names at this entity, which I realize now was dumb to do, there I gave off aspects of my energy.”

While writing this blog I have my angels call back my energies from that entity in a neutral form, and have the karma be completed to it’s highest level possible for all concerned. The upside of this karma is being completed, is that a re occurring encounter with that entity, the person carrying that entity or kind of entities or experience does not have to appear in the future of this life or in future life times.

If you like, my set of work angels; the Angels of the Higher Laws can do this for you also. Simply attune to a memory of your past, if you remember doing a same kind of thing (calling names or whacking your energy in another man’s energy field) one or more times in your past.. My angels know when you call upon them and will make sure that other entities will not be able to interfere with this process. Some of you will sense this, others not, it is okay the way it is. Do not blame me or yourself if you do not sense anything, you can still train yourself. Do not blame yourself for not being sufficiently trained to sense shifts.

You can imagine how this event taught me to listen to my senses. Ignoring them can cause severe trauma and if you don’t mind, I do what I can to avoid that. Be honest with me, nut heads you have anywhere around the globe. We cannot avoid that. This is how every one makes their own unique life experiences. These negative persons are probably in your neighborhood also. We can become aware what it is inside us that attracts the situation that our paths cross. This is why it makes sense to put time and attention into training your senses, this can keep you safe. This is how you evolve your Life’s experiences.

Nowadays I am so trained in these senses, I use it while driving my car, to sense if there is some one heading my way on these small Swiss curvy roads. Or I use it to sense if some one is coming from my right side on roads where I have no visual. I use it to sense movement in our seminar rooms while waiting for them to get out for a coffeebreak. I find this quit practical use of the senses. I am sure you will find your own practical use of your senses.

Training these senses is also gaining your own power back, you become much more responsible for your own safety. It makes you independent in a very healthy way.

Are you ready for the next level of information?
Let’s now summum up all 12 senses;

They are divided into 3 groups:


  • Sense of Balance,
  • Sense of Touch (and intimicy),
  • Sense of Movement,
  • Sense of Life.


  • Sense of Temperature,
  • Sense of Sight,
  • Sense of Taste,
  • Sense of Smell.


  • Sense of Thought,
  • Sense of Speech (language),
  • Sense of “I”,
  • Sense of Hearing.

Now let me explain something basic in this path of self development and inner growth.

Higher consciousness can perceive lower consciousness but lower consciousness cannot perceive higher consciousness.

There is no discussion, no way out, no manner of tricking. You have to evolve and become attuned to all inner processes. You have to learn about new information to expand your awareness. You can receive help from higher consciousness such as angels if you want to evolve. They can give you some spiritual gadgets which might help you on your path of inner developing.

One warning from my personal experience: It does not help to raise your frequency and leave the shock and trauma untouched. We do not strive to raise your frequency until you experience pure positivity, bliss and love, while a whole hell is still below you, suppressed far away in your subconscious. Waiting on the opportunity to erupt like a volcano.

Why do I tell you this? Simply because if you want to restore your 12 senses you need assistance of higher consciousness such as from angels. Be careful that even if you are in touch with a guide, that doesn’t mean the guide has a higher consciousness then you. For this league of work I advice you to rely on the Angels.

Let me tell that there exists heavenly dominions and Angelic Formators you need to connect to, to restore your senses. This can be done by angels. Your Holy Guardian Angels might want to receive a step up ritual provided by my Angels of the Higher Laws/The Angels of High Magic to be able to assist you in this process. You can simple state in your thoughts or out loud, whatever you prefer that your holy guardian angel can receive this step up from my Angels of High Magic. There they live in a while different plane, their rules of our time and space does not apply, so they can do tremendous amount of work which seems impossible in our time space experience.

Have your own real life experiences.

The next step can be to go to my source, that is my spiritual teacher Joseph Holzer. He is an american who is original schooled as a nuclear engineer. I am developing a program to make it accessible for the whole world, this will take some time there my book “Guilty” has at this moment my main focus. After publication I will spend time opening up resources or the public, so you can educate and train yourself in your own 12 senses.

You don’t want to wait? Via the website of the Spiritual Arts Academy you can have your own experience of healing the shock and trauma on each of the 12 senses. There are archival scripts and mp3’s offered. Go to this link, and scroll down to april 2016. From there on you can click on the scripts of intrest. If there are any questions you can always contact Joseph Holzer, he offers for a reasonable price high quality phone healings. Or you can contact me for a 10 minutes Free consultation via the vCita Contact app.

This addition is not to simple turn you into a client, it is from experience that shock can come up and assistance might be necessary. Make sure you take good care of yourself. It is not advisable to listen to the 12 mp3’s in a few days time. Take the time you need and listen to your gut. If you feel resistance to a certain file, this might indicate you have a lot to resolve on this specific topic. Make sure you drink lemon balm tea, and follow the heavy metal detox instructions which you can find in the books of the Medical Medium Anthony William. This will assist you to support your body processing the shock and trauma on your senses which gets cleared during these archival Open Healing Evening Scripts/mp3’s.

Supplying the information is a way to assist you how to train you in your senses. That is our human right.

If you want to buy the Blue Book ato learn more about these senses and how to cleanse them:

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