I share these blogs knowing there are more children out there who have personal issues, which are spiritual of nature and affecting your mental and emotional wellbeing. It is my way of helping you without having to charge yourr parents for consultancy. Magic is for fairies, wizards, magicians and what else you see more on television. Or is magic for us also? In my experience, magic is the power to bring dreams into reality. It has an alchemic touch, it needs spiritual awareness. It needs practise in many forms over many lifetimes. In essence, you have learned and trained yourself over many previous lifetimes how to create stuff into your life. What if you deny your magical awareness? Is that healthy?

I am a mother of a highly magical aware child

I am a mother of a highly magical aware child, and he is not the only one in the family. I have taught them what I will show you in this blog sequence, and they blossom well, as do other children whom are taught these tools. I have met those youngsters who were unaware of their magical consciousness, and whose anger worked out to be pretty destructive in their environment. It is better to learn to control your magic awareness before you are an angry teenager, whacking out on your moms or teachers aura, ripping them apart by the unaware powers you carry. This is something which I find very unhealthy to deny. Many adults have no clue of the havoc magic aware children like you can create if this aspect keeps unattended. This aspect should be taken care of, and the Harry Potter books might awaken memories, it does not give useful tools to handle your magic awareness.

This is rule number 1:

Never ever act out on another person, do not whack them because you feel hurt, not even with angry thoughts.  Even your angry thoughts can harm another person. It can hurt their aura, their chakras, and their subtle bodies. And this is not fun when it happens to you.

I do not say here that you had no right to be angry, because the fact that you get mad indicates that you feel hurt, that you feel sadness and that this is difficult for you, so your subconscious self chooses to cover up these feelings with anger. That is okay, that is being human. This behavior can be changed.

Throwing out your anger means that your energies hit another person. And here lies one great danger. If your anger hits and harms another person, one of whom you don’t know that that person also carries a magical consciousness, it might turn on you. If that person is in touch with an entity with ill will intentions, they can collect your angry thoughts, your energies, and use it against you. This is an aspect of black magic. It can cause pains in your body, or strange unpleasant thoughts or emotions. The source is spiritual, affecting your overall well being. It is more difficult to trace and transmute in neutral energies. But, now you know that this is possible, so you have a chance to find this and heal yourself. Just keep on reading these blogs the coming weeks, We will teach you how to heal yourself gently.

Rule number 2:

Always put a time limit onto your wishes, even on relationships and friendships with ‘ invisible’ helpers.

Imagine you want a little car. Imagine this is for your birthday. But you didn’t get that car on your birthday party, and you felt disappointed. You forget about the car, but there is this place of your mind, called the subconscious mind who doesn’t forget.  Your subconscious will always remember that you wanted that car. Your subconscious would even create the opportunity when you are in your mid-twenties or forties, or even in your eighties to bring that car into your life. Do you think that when you are older than your dad is now, that you will be happy to receive that car, or do you think by then you would like to have something else? 

This is a simple example of not time limiting a wish. It also shows how extremely smart your subconscious is.  So now tell yourself that you wish to have this car by the time you turn (fill in your next birthday). Can you come up with more wishes which you did not get by know? Determine the expiration date now, then they will disappear in no effort. This way you make you that by the time you have the age of your dad, that you can create in no effort.

And do you know why this is really important to do? The more not yet fulfilled wishes you have, the more you have your creative energies splattered all over the place. Which makes wishes harder and more difficult to come into your life by the time you are older than you dad is now, because your power to create is no longer acting as a laser beam. So best to call back your creative energies yearly. Make it your personal festive call back your wishes day. Make it fun, joyfull.

I give you an example of the harm done upon other lives of your soul when you forgot to time limit a wish.
Imagine you were living in Ireland 5 centuries ago. The myth of finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, getting the help of a leprechaun. Disappointing, you never found the pot of gold in that lifetime, the leprechaun did not fulfill 3 of your wishes, so you did not set if free.  Even after you die, the agreement with that leprechaun remains. Meanwhile, your soul continuous its journey lifetime after lifetime it keeps being connected with this leprechaun. The leprechaun by now is moody as hell, being with you so many lifetimes, going through all sorts of countries the leprechaun doesn’t fancy at all. Now you are back into this lifetime, and the leprechaun is tricking you into believing that you are going to be a millionaire. And you are convinced that all silly thoughts to become your million dollar idea. They all fail. The leprechaun laughs, and you are ashamed of yourself and do not like to feel this feeling of shame, of guilt, so you fall into the next foolish idea the leprechaun feeds you.

Meanwhile, you have lost your health, your wife, and are about to lose your son. And still, your mind gets tricked by this tiny entity you picked up many lifetimes ago. And it harmed you and indirect your family and friends in the lifetimes it entered till this one, the one it is going to leave you. Sometimes it is enough to become aware of this entity, thank it for its services, tell him it is no longer needed and allowed to go home again. 


Now that you know this. Don’t you think it is wise to put a time limit to your wishes?

If I would belief the myth of the pot of Gold at the end of the Rainbow, according to this picture, made from our home, we would have to move to Gersau...
If I would belief the Leprechaun, Gersau would be the place to find the pot of Gold.

And know…

You have the highest rights for healing yourself and teaching yourself, you have the highest authority about yourself. This is why these entities by law have to obey you. Each of you have a guardian angel to help you with this, ask them for their help, they will help you to clean up your space. 

Having said that. You being a soul with a magical consciousness, living in a kids body. You did choose your parents for their parental guidance quality before you were born. Appreciate them as you appreciate yourself. You will see as you grow up that whey give you excactly what you need for the life lessons you choose to work out in this life time.

Shall we meet next week again? I will show you why it is important to define your personal space and how to do it with not much effort from your side. 

Are you one of the parents who per co-incident landed on this page? Good for you, you are saving yourself quit some fee for personal family consultancy.  This is the link to the introducory page for this blog sequence.


Be gentle and forgiving to yourself and others,

till next time,

Holistic Hellen



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