Space Clearer

When you think or feel something, it doesn’t mean the thought-form or charged emotions evaporated just because time moved on. When your home space is cluttered energetically in a way it is affecting your daily life, it hits harder when it is affecting your business, your staff. Now a transformation by a interior designer might not be enough. It’s time to call in a Life Coach, specialized as a Master Space Clearer. You want to call in some one who can clear the unwanted rubbish for you, while keeping the family values and business core intact. This is where you call in a Space clearer who offers real time results, this is why you call in Holistic Hellen.

Have you felt that at certain places you feel less vibrant than at others spots of a building? Having some one who can clear out mind trash and other heavy energies in their homes and offices is a huge relieve for many.  Hellen’s art of space clearing focuses on leaving the family values and business core intact while doing that.

Holistic Hellen

The Holistic approach is what Hellen found to be the most powerful way to achieve changes.  Though she has many qualities and use several methodologies, it is enough to state that Hellen is a Master Space Clearer. She does this work since 2004. Hellen is also a life coach and author.

Online Service

This is mainly provided as an online service. Why bother traveling to a location, when Hellen can see & cleanse the energetic causes from out the convenience of her office based in Switzerland? Those who appreciate a face to face experience, while paying for the extra costs of her travel expenses, she’s happy to jump on a plane. 


What is space clearing ?

Space clearing is about clearing energetic imprints and residues which clutter up your space. It’s about creating space to feel and think clearly. By energetic cleansing your home, keeping your family values or business core intact. Creating space to be the best version of yourself.

Does the COVID19 affects your services ?

No, the work itself can perfectly be done on distant, as a matter of fact, that is Holistic Hellen’s specialism. Only the at-location-space-clearing will be postponed till all travel bans are cleared. It’s an excellent moment to clear out fears about the future. To reinforce the family unity.


Space clearing is about creating space what is happening now, it clears cluttering events from the past causing no longer feeling trapped by negative emotions, keeping you trapped. The main benefit is that it is done for you, so you can more eloquent pick up your responsibilities for the present moment. It frees you up from mindtrash.


It’s never to soon. Unfortunately many wait too long before bringing in a space clearer. Suggested is not to wait until a divorce seems inevitable, or a bankruptcy is hovering over you. The moment you feel stuck in the past, or when you feel stuck in negative emotions, clear the space to see more clearer what is really going on. 


Yes, that is possible, if you want to clear the high level of negative emotions such as fear, anxieties, panic and suspicion. From out a holistic perspective it’s advised to take a look at the greater picture & use her coaching /consulting skills, but in the end, it will be your call.


No, Hellen doesn’t fancy to work that way. This art of high level of space clearing occurs in other planes, such as the emotional & spiritual plane. If you feel better to smudge, you’re welcome to do that. Clients tend to appreciate that Hellen’s appearances don’t tell her spiritual mastery.

Will I have to move furniture ?

Sometimes it’s beneficial for a healthy flow, Hellen usual never has home owners change their interior. It’s her intention to leave your interior the way it is. It occurs that afterwards, people move their furniture around,  throw out stuff, as a result of the cleansed energetic space.

Can you do this on distant ?

Yes, preferable is a package where work on location with energetic work on distant is combined. Realize that Hellen’s art of space clearing doesn’t occur in physical space, it’s a belief system one has to be present on location. Maintenance always occurs as a online service.

Will it work for every one?

The fact you are on this website implies a vibrational match on a soul level. This doesn’t mean it will work 100% guaranteed. That is why you first have an intake call, to awaken your spiritual and magical awareness. Regardless of Hellen’s master level of space clearing, it remains your space, and your life lessons…

What are maintenance benefits ?

Once you started to experience the benefits of space clearing, you will love the continuation of a regular space clearing. After all, you don’t do your house hold chores only once a year do you? You’ll love having a cleansed space all the time. It eases up your life a lot. That’s fun!

Is the intake free ?

Yes, the intake takes up to 20 minutes and it is free of charge. People tend to like to experience the ability to shift stuff on distant before investing in Hellen’s art of space clearing. It’s preferable to meet online before we agree to work with each other. To experience a click before transforming your space.

Can I cancel appointments ?

Yes, you can. You can cancel up to 72 hours up front. You have to know that Hellen doesn’t endorse this, because often issues come up days before the appointment, pain & rubbish becomes clear and space clearing is about clearing the rubbish. You don’t want to be left with trash.

Why specialize in Space Clearing ?

Hellen moved a lot between different countries. She learned how to read previous-home-owner-energies, ghosts, buildings, traffic, areas, how to clear out rubbish on emotional, mental, spiritual, geomantic and geopatic-stress levels. She’s a lazy space clearer, learned to master this without smudging, singing or strange rituals others have. It’s fun, it’s useful, it’s practical.

What packages do you offer ?

That depends on your needs and budget. the yearly maintenance packages can be planned very slim and thus low budget or really rich and regular. You’re the one who has to be honest about what benefits you most. You can decide best after you have experienced your first space clearing by a Master Space Clearer, she can advice you.

Where are the references ?

They’re not published publicly. It’s imaginable you would like to know the stories of others who benefited of space clearing. But Hellen’s clients are mostly not really into spirituality and don’t want to be known for that. Working in this field made her also aware of the down side of stepping into publicity. It is her way of protecting the client’s privacy. That’s the way it is.

Do you work with interior designers ?

This is an option, yes. Interior designers tend to have a good sense of flow in housing space. It’s optimal to do the space clearing before the interior designer offers their final options. This way both you as a client and they can benefit of the cleansed space, bringing up the optimum of the space. Maintenance space clearing is a must have.

Do you work with other Space Clearers ?

This is also an option. Simply because more is seen with more set of eyes. On behalf of clients Hellen has teamed up with healers before, if the home issues are in a specific field, which are outside space clearing. If the clients brings in another space clearer, it will be a matter of communication and co-operation.

Do you work with Real Estate Agents ?

This is possible. Real estate agents tend to have a good sense of flow in building space. It’s even not unlikely to bring in Hellen to clear the building in order to be sold more effortless. So both the seller as the buyer can benefit of an thorough performed energetic separation. 

Why shows the video a sloppy office space ?

Hellen is artistic of nature and she needs her artistic space. Hellen is an author. She loves to paint, all the paintings are hers, not for sale.  She has a crystal quartz collection as a hobby. She loves to drive hours through the Swiss alps to buy a quarts on top of a pass. She likes it to have elementals and spirits as a guest. None of them have their residency in her office. The rest of the house is aligned with her partners wishes, tidy & neat.

Are you willing to do actual cleaning ?

Hellen always feels amused by this question. And no, she will not touch a vacuum cleaner or do the windows for you. We never know if the one asking this peculiar question realizes that is way much cheaper to have a professional cleaning service do that, or that is is just plain male humor. Having a partner born in Amsterdam you can imagine she is used to sarcastic humor.