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by reading the blogs

Important to know:

Shift your Life onto a Higher Path of Destiny
is all about the acceptance and
understanding the process of Life.
Gaining awareness why certain events occur
and why you behave/feel in a certain way.
It is about how to create your own future

At Shift your Destiny you learn how to process
old covered up wounds, which for you seem
meaningless, which in fact blocks you from
reaching your desires and aspired goals.

That Shifting your Destiny makes your
life more pleasant is a Bonus.
That Shifting your Destiny makes you
gain more joy and health is a bonus.

Though for you it might be now the goal.

    Why don’t you save yourself some time and unnecessary suffering?


Here you find possibilities to gain access to practical implementation tools and the coolest spiritual gadgets.

You will experience shifts via blogs, video online trainings, webclasses, seminars,
and if you are really open for Growth, you will find many answers and relief in the exclusive 1 on 1 trainings.


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“Hellen helps me with the re-designing my Life.
By assisting me with the Medical Medium Protocoll
& training the practical implementation of extra ordinary
spiritual gadgets, I am in a much more
positive & creative place.”

“Thanks to working with Holistic Hellen
my needs for my spiritual, mental & physical health
are being met. It fills my inner voids.
She truely works Holistic!”

“What she offers is more than ‘just’ consultancy,
it is a fulfilling & uplifting lifestyle”

“For me it is difficult to explain what she does,
I only care that it works!”

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