Shift your Destiny


This Service is meant for you if you are now in pain and suffering caused by fear for your future, which needs to resolve.
Save yourself time and unnecessary suffering.

Get a pre-experience of inner changes by reading the blogs
Important NEWS:

10th of March  2019. The Betaversion of the Membershipsite goes Live with the Video:

the Healing and Clearing of toxic Shame and Bleeding Humiliation.”

Video’s will be released on a regular base. You will be led through processes which diminish your fears for your future and which help you to overcome life destroying toxic emotions and life sabotaging bleeding humiliation. 


Great Line! Intentions – Decisions – Results is inspired on one of my paintings I’ve painted a few years back. Your intentions motivate your decisions, which lead to the desired results. What does this process light up in many of us? Exactly, fear for the future. Anxieties for YOUR future to be exact. “OMG, what if I choose wrong, what if I make a bad decision?” These inner conversations could lead to making a decision which hurt yourself and your loved ones in the future.  

Don’t forget that these fesrs can be caused by your physical health, or lack of it, a disturbed emotional health or an influenced mental health.

What if you could acquire and integrate some tools which helps you to tame your inner fears? How would a life feel for you where self-sabotaging your own future is not a worry any longer? Like a lead character of a recent movie of JK Rowling stated: “Worrying means you suffer twice.” Is that what you want? Or would you like to give yourself a break?

 I am gonna help you step by step by acquiring tools and connections which will provide trust, courage, and belief in your own choices. By discarding intentioning made in lower state of consciousness such as anger, sadness, doubt, guilt, shame etc. You will receive easy to implement tools which help you to become the captain of your own life. Helping you by revealing many spiritual secrets which where thousands of years kept in the dark. Time has come we make a quantum leap in our inner development. 

We have the back up of billions of Holy guardian Angels, the Angels of High Magic, the High Lords of Karma and many other connections with healing agencies. Most of all working with the higher Universal Laws will provide a boost in getting your life processes on track. Or as how we call it, shifting life upon a higher path of Destiny.  Simultaneously I strongly urge you to dive into the knowledge the Medical Medium Anthony William. His advices will help you to regain health on a fast track.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself,

So you know who is talking to you

Born in the Netherlands in 1974. living in at Lake Lucerne, Switzerland with my partner Gerard, which for me feels as being finally Home. I adore the language, the mountains such as Mount Pilatus and the Stanserhorn. I have been exploring the last 20 years topics such as metaphysical fields, spirituality, philosophy, health, marketing & neuroscience.  Since age 25 I have some intense clairvoyant skills – ‘Harry Potter like’ – which I have trained and mastered under guidance of an ongoing education at the Spiritual Arts Academy since 2008. Here I was introduced with working with the Angels of High Magic, the pyramid of the rose, past life karma and many healing agencies which I practice on a daily base for myself and others. All which helps me to pursue “Gnothi Saeuton”/Know Thyself. The better I know myself, the easier it becomes to read your suffering and find solutions for your healing.

 As a teenager I have been a very shy student and my mom decided when I was 16 that working in hospitality service was a good way to overcome my shyness. Well in a way she was right, I did overcome my shyness. Working in high level restaurants has been a joy and a pain in the ass. I have learned that many wealthy people carry a fair share of love for the family. I have met many cultures and learned that true contact is beholden in the eyes. When others look me in the eyes, I could read their whole life story and their current state of wellbeing. I see through masks and prejudice.  Doing that seems to me as an intrusion of the private sphere, so I don’t. The more challenges one has faced in life themselves, the easier others are readable, at least if I speak for myself. The amount of pain and suffering I read through all faces of life is tremendous, I have the gift of helping to overcome your pain and suffering pretty effortless from your side.  Life hasn’t been too kind to me and gave me simultaneous great gestures and gifts. I have always searched for alternative routes to heal myself. And oh boy, there was a lot to heal. Not only the overcoming of deep wounds of shame, bleeding humiliation and guilt, also has death played a big role in my life. Not all is bad, depending of your view of life, it can break or make you. Anxieties are a valuable lead for self-development. Chronic fatigue and other mysterious symptoms can be dealt with on a holistic way. Meaning, not only implementing the advices of the Medical Medium Anthony William, these symptoms are also gifts where to find inner wounds caused by uncompleted past life karma. I am not one of those who thinks one creates their own illnesses, I think our illnesses show us our inner emotional wounds and combined with a healthy diet, one can process a lot, which is all fear reducing. Less fear for the future, more trust for the future, isn’t this what everybody wants?

It is only recently that I have found the true cause of what I thought to be my natural preference of walking alternative routes for mental and emotional health. When I was 15, I started my first career in the Gastronomy, including a good education. For certain reasons I will reveal in one of my blogs my stepdad went to the psychiatric department of the local hospital during the first few weeks of attending a Dutch Hotel school. The day after he came home, he died… My world fell apart. I went from a teenager concerned about my grades to a teenager with no peers to share my deep inner pains with. In my subconscious mind the belief system got buried where I defined mental care equals death.  It recently surfaced by one single remark on a moment I felt very vulnerable. Once more I learned that a not properly processed event could redirect the course of life. In my case, it offers me nowadays spiritual knowledge and gadgets which could help change the world to a better place.

Well, that is an intense one not to shop for regular doctor’s care isn’t it? 
There is a huge change you have your own stories of deep suffering in your life. 
That is why you pursue your path to regain overall health.
Nice that you landed here, hold on for a moment, you can find keys of information which could change your life.

There have been 2 healing factors in my life. The first healing factor is my sense of finding a true place to call Home here at Lake Lucerne. I remember how young I was the first time I came here. After my stepdad had died an uncle asked me if I wanted to work at the restaurant from a friend of his in Switzerland. I said yes. That was in the time there was no internet. So, at age 18 I went from the Netherlands by train to Switzerland with only a small piece of paper in my hand with no more than a hand-written address on it. Can you imagine this? Once I arrived, I was baffled that the Swiss did not spoke the German you hear on television. It took me 3 weeks to start understanding the Swiss dialect. The Swiss were amazed how fast I adapted the language. Then I first realized that speaking languages provides a lot of freedom. My chef had 2 mountain houses in Central Switzerland. He bought those once they returned from the states, where they built up a store chain. We went there on days the restaurant closed, on sunny days and on totally cloudy days. We went up by cable car and had to walk half an hour. I loved it. Hearing the cowbells, the wind. Since then I am totally hooked on the Swiss mountains, the sounds and the language. 

Can you imagine how disappointing it was that my first husband refused to let me move back to Switzerland as agreed? OMG, What pains can be touched, incredible! Feeling imprisoned in my birth country. I can write a whole book about the hell I went through after marrying him. Thank God I got a 2nd change by my current partner. He made it possible to make the shift back to Switzerland, to my Home. The downside is that we were not able to bring my son with me to this country, he lives with his father and grandmother in the Netherlands. As you, I had my fair share of trial and tribulations in life. The way to overcome them, that is what matters. 

Having a Calling in life, made me pursue a path not too many could understand. I feel blessed to be surrounded with a few loved ones who have a deep trust in my Calling. For that I am grateful. 

The second healing factor is my metaphysical awareness and a deep urge to understand life in all of its aspects, combined with a simple aspiration to life a happy life. I have what some label as a thin skin, call it being sensitive. I have friends in many realms. I have the ability to gain insights how certain behavior is rooted in unprocessed wounds in former lives of the soul and how to heal this and thus facilitate change in a effortless way. To me this is my greatest gift. Being so highly psychic and have the ability to switch it on and off, makes life a lot more fun. But I am not going into that deeper now. Now it is time for you to explore what I can do for you. Cause I am sure you are not without reason on this website and it would be my pleasure to save you time and unnecessary suffering if you allow me to.

So, tell me. Why are you here? Did someone advise you to take a look? Was it your holy guardian Angel who brought you here, or was it Google? Can I help you by providing information only, so you can dwell in doubts and you remain feeling stuck or would you prefer to experience what I can do for you? It is up to you. Just one thing is sure, after you have worked with me, your life is no longer the same. I advice you to download the PDF which will be released end of January 2019. Then you can choose to go for the membership, where on a regular base video’s will be released which help you to diminish your fear for the future.

As Holistic Hellen I provide people with a quantum leap in their inner development.

As Holistic Hellen I facilitate the process to shift your life path upon a higher path of Destiny.

Shift your Destiny

I see destiny as the choices of your Soul what to work out for life lessons for this current lifetime. To achieve this, one will before incarnation, choose events to occur, agree to meet certain persons, with which whom one might have heavy karma or the opposite, which provide the opportunities to learn and integrate life lessons in the several levels of self; among this are the subconscious selves and higher selves. Higher selves have the permission and ability to shift future events onto a higher path of Destiny, whereas the to be learned and to be integrated life lessons will enter in one’s life in a much milder level, due to the raised awareness of one’s current incarnation.

This might sound esoteric, but I can assure you, the outcome is practical!

As human we tend to learn and grow from ‘the Dark night of the Soul’. Obstacles in life makes us grow stronger. But to be honest, sometimes life gives us so many obstacles that we pray and ask the Universe to please give us a break. This is when a shift upon a higher path of Destiny can suddenly appear into your life. It is an angelic way of saying that your prayers are being heard, here is your opportunity to get a break and life offers your insights in a more relaxed way.

Allow yourself to be shown and feel how to set intentions & goals which lead you to shift your Destiny. Allow yourself to be shown and feel how to get unstuck, how to get rid of patterns living someone else’s dreams. Then, if you so choose to implement Holistic Hellen’s teachings, test it and see the results for yourself. 

Would you like to Shift your own Destiny?

Let me ask you. How much time are you willing to waste waiting until  you live the life you have always dreamed about?

Many people think it is impossible to shift your destiny. Not being educated about this at school, so naturally lacking basic information about how life is formatted, one cannot be blamed. Once you understand the simple metaphysic mechanics in life, it is so easy to make shifts in one’s own life. One needs to become conscious, aware and most of all, willing to take certain steps. 

Let me ask you. Are you willing to broaden your horizon and be one of those who benefits of metaphysics? Or is it all to scary or unproven by science yet, not too overall accepted in social media yet, thus denying the worlds unnoticed with the regular developed senses, living a zombie like life, where pain, suffering and (self)denial is just an accepted part of the deal called your life?

Well, it is YOUR LIFE is it?
How much time are you willing to waste waiting 
till you live the life you have always wanted or dreamed of?

So, what about some training in independent thinking?
Would you like to get a grip on your own life?

Then let’s start to master Self (yourself)
~ Gnothi Saeuton ~
Know thyself

Would you like to experience the thrill you feel going down your spine, once you know exactly how to accelerate your personal processes about that what you truly want and how to reach what you truly desire?

Now let’s Imagine how it feels for you to have reached a goal. 
 Can you already feel the excitement?
Can you feel the smile on your face?

First let us tell you what makes working with Holistic Hellen a no brainer, allow us to share a secret with you. Her metaphysical abilities are absolutely unique and raises the levels of awareness & consiousness, just by being in Holistic Hellen’s field of attention. Without a raised awareness it is almost inpossible to bring sabotaging thoughts and emotions to the surface for processing. And you keep running in circles in your life, feeling dissappointed, being angry and upset.  Allow yourself to be fully supported by the indepth metaphysical awareness of Holistic Hellen. This is an important insider secret which makes or brakes working on this holistic way of altering your future.

How can you benefit from Holistic Hellen's work?

Experience shifts via blogs, video online trainings, webclasses, seminars, and exclusive 1 on 1 trainings.

For your budget you have possibilities to gain access to practical implementation tools and spiritual gadgets.

The spiritual life prolonging tools are only provided to those with a noble intent and it comes with a price…

Blogs - hidden treasures

For those who have interest in making shifts, step by step, in your own pace. It is for those who want first to gain trust before they invest in video trainings. It is for those who prefer to read instead of listening to my voice. It is for those who are curious. They form a basis for my books. These blogs are made available since september 2017. 

Video on-line training

For those who want to benefit from the raised awareness once you hear my voice, where transmissions of light and healingagencies can work much easier with you and your personal processes. For a few dollars each you can access these video’s which are made available from february 2019.

Shift your Destiny online course

This is a series of video training composed to help you Shift your life path upon a higher path of Destiny. To apply sign in for the enrollment down below. They include a 10 weeks method to get a grip of directing your own life into a certain direction. At the end you are offered a first choice spot in a seminar.  These courses start 2 times a year. Once in March, once in September.

Family Healing traject

For those who want to benefit from growing and healing together as a family unit. This is the exception I make in working personal with you. If you are a couple who have the desire to overcome their issues, you can call me to assist to overcome personal and family issues. Karmic issues play out in daily life, sometimes the pressure becomes to much and one needs help who is able to oversee sources of problems over several incarnations i.o. to heal and regain joy in life.


Webclasses are provided on a irregular base, depending on my schedule and inspiration. These are 4 hour healings, including trainingsteps. So you can work independent with the tools for yourself. You save yourself a journey and stay in Switzerland and still benefit from this intense life shifting hours. I am always open for topic suggestions which you can send me by whatsapp. There is an fix access fee for this webclasses. These are not provided for free! For those who participate bonuses await at the end of the webclass.


Location are depending on demand, either in the States or in Europe. Given in seminar rooms with history and allure.
These group trainings are for those who are sincere looking for inner self development. It is for those who are fast of mind, willing to dive deep in covered up old wounds to process them. It is not for the faint of heart and you must be willing to face yourself. Finding your inner pearls, finding out what withholds you to live the life you aspire, is one of the greatest gifts you can be given in life. Groups are max 20 persons.


In a series of 7 books mankind will be guided through a quantum Leap of inner development. These books are partially conversations I have with heavens and hells. Explaining cosmology. Showing how pain and suffering can be overcome. It is about showing functionality overrules a man disempowering belief system that evil should be destructed and heaven is only for those who are good. I have the audacity to tell the world, okay. Take a look around you. We have tried it with religions and cultures. Look where we are now.  We are threatening our earth and if we want to keep on living on her, we have to take healing into our own hands and take full responsibility how we treat ourselves, our animals, our nature and earth itself. If we want to survive as a species we have to open our eyes and embrace all what lives here and influences us. We have so much heavenly helpers who are willing to guide us, we have so much entities out of hell burdening us. Let’s seek for balance. Makes life so much lighter to live.

Supporting fellow world change facilitators such as Medical Medium Anthony William & Masaru Emoto

Finding men who are willing to share their undeniable  truth is rare these days.  Healing is about understanding the elements our world is offering. Many are seeking for financial benefits.  This is what is being shown as the answer, but is it? 

Anthony William is one of those I fully support. If you search for health issues solutions, go to his website, read his books, listen to his radio show, alter your diet and regain your health.

Another Man  is the meanwhile passed away Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto. I think his work is elevating and once you truly understand his message about water, if we all comprehend the impact of his message, wars will be prevented. I know there are more, but I haven’t come across their work yet. 


This is not yet reality, this is one of my dreams I aspire to realize. This will only be made possible by all of you.

If a larger audience finds truth in my messages, I will be offering seminars in stadions. To make healing affordable for the many. To create an experience for the community and to feel the thrills of joy of the possibilities stadions have to offer. Allowing many to reconnect with long lost friends and loved ones. Through the ages we have met and lost  so many loved ones. Togethers with the communities of Holy guardian Angels and the Archangels we provide opportunities to meet.

This is a dream I wish to come true. Finding communities who are open to receive and enjoy the show and musical factors. I mean, where would we be without music? Music elevates us since the beginning of time. Music touches memories.
Let’s celebrate life together.


Working with me personally is exclusive. I appreciate my time. I do not fancy a career where I work around the clock to serve others. I have done this in my previous career. I appreciate the aspiration of those who want to be my apprentice. 

You have to be gifted, aware and willing to evolve to ensure you can be tutored by me personally. I am aware of the power one can gain once you learn what I have learned, what you can reach once you connect with the healing agencies I am connected to. You have to be willing to travel to Switzerland for these teachings. You have to be able to my my fees. I have to find you worth my time. If this is the case, the worlds will unroll at your very feet. Your life will never be the same. 

It requires dedication and commitment to your own unfolding life. You will appreciate the responsibilities coming with knowledge. You will master Life.

the 'Shift your Destiny' enrollment is exclusively for those who sign in here

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Are you one of those who prefer exclusive personal training and are you willing & able to pay for Holistic Hellen’s & your valuable time? 


Give Holistic Hellen a call*.

* Be aware that calling her & being able to pay her fee, does not guarantee you to be able to work with her in person.



“If you don’t belief in radiation and you go out to the beach, you spend a whole day in the burning sun, not using sun blocks, does this mean you don’t get sun burn just because you do not belief in radiation?”

Quote Joseph M. Holzer, teacher at Spiritual Arts Academy
(his original profession is nuclear engineer)

At Holistic Hellen we’ve experienced that if you want to achieve your life’s goals & desires successful. It requires exploring the whole spectrum of Self & clearing it of rubbish. This allows you to reach your goals much faster and more important; less pain & suffering will be experienced. Insights come much easier, your sense of self love & self worth will be upgraded. Would you like that?


At Holistic Hellen it is our experience that managers & business owners often have a spiritual mindset. Most of you just don’t know yet how to implement it on the job in a practical sense.  This is why Holistic Hellen’s Mentor ship alters lives. We offer practical use of highly evolved spiritual gadgets & health information.


If you like to be educated about the spectrum of the spiritual & physical aspects of self.  You are at the right place.  It is not required that you know everything about aura’s & chakra’s or which food is healthy & what not to eat.  This you will learn here. Either by scrolling through my blogs or by direct enrollment of a implementation course of 10 weeks.

On social media we tend to share our perfect lives, but most of us know this is not reality.
I know I have struggled through my personal issues and what got me out. what brought me better quality of life.

There is nothing more then my wish to share with you the opportunity to reach the same.

Better quality of life has a different meaning for everybody

where ever you are right now in life, it is a result of decisions and intentions made in your past.

Most intentions are made subconscious and then being driven down in the subconsiouss selves, where they tend to be forgotten but not eradicated. They influence our lives. They sabotage our lives. Now you can learn a method how to end these negative influences…

Do you think that decisions made in your past, in a state of anger, despair, envy or guilt brought you to a good place?  Can you even imagine that an event, occurred when you were only a few years old, is anchored in your subconscious mind and is now mastering in creating events in the present? Did you know that all which is unprocessed in your past, no matter if it is the recent past, the past of this life, or unprocessed stuff out of past lives, there always comes this one moment the Souls wishes to process it, and presents events in life which provide us with the opportunity to do so. We are not a victim of our life, in fact our life presents us loads of opportunities to become healed and whole again.

Most of us are not told how the mind works, nor how the subconscious mind makes decisions for almost 95% in our life’s. Have you known that all your unprocessed wounds are stored in your subconscious selves? Now you know this, do you think it is wise to neglect the healing process of your covered inner wounds? It is not a co accident that it is my goal to bring coherence between your subconscious selves and your higher selves. It is a necessary step to transform your subconscious selves, and with this, it has the capacity to transform your entire life.

This and some more to be revealed Secrets are the Key ingredients how to Shift your own path of Destiny upon a higher and easier path.

Thanxs to Holistic Hellen’s guidance you will leave lower states of consciousness behind. You will connect with your inner knowledge. Your senses will be interconnected again. You will laugh a lot, tears will flow. You will experience wins by the insights you will gain, you will feel amazed by the ongoing influence of moments of panic, shame & guilt, let’s clear this all. Let’s use some proven spiritual gadgets to clear this rubbish, in all your self aspects.  In the end you will feel full of energy, having trust how to get there, where you truly wanna be in life.


“Hellen helps me with the re-designing my Life. By assisting me with the Medical Medium Protocoll & training the practical implementation of extra ordinary spiritual gadgets, I am in a much more positive & creative place.”

“Thanks to working with Holistic Hellen my needs for my spiritual, mental & physical health are being met. It fills my inner voids. She truely works Holistic!”

“What she offers is more than ‘just’ consultancy, it is a fulfilling & uplifting lifestyle”

“For me it is difficult to explain what she does, I only care that it works!”


If we want to change the world, then let’s start with those who really can.
The highly placed decision makers…
Managers, Business owners, all moms & dads.



Have you ever heard of the Law of Atraction? Have you ever read the book the Secret? Good, we offer you the next level of creation, what we offer you is the evoluted step. The Law of Atraction is a singular operating law, it is a lower universal law, there it does not take into consideration your personal and family karma. Here we will explore the higher Universal Laws.

You will not be educated here how to reach succes fast. We are not only talking about spiritual laws which will help to attract the life you desire, we will also explore your incarnational purposes and your personal karma. We will go deep into the mechanisms which block your path to succes.  Here you will be given the life changing information about what is blocking you from succes. Why are you never reaching goals you truly desire/aspire?

You will face your inner fears, panic, shock & trauma, while I will try to make you laugh. Did you know that laughter, joy & fun is Key to easy processing? You pains will feel recognized, acknowledged and will become aware of not being usefull any longer. This brings a a huge step closer to your future self, living the life you dream off.

You will be able clear what is preventing you to achieve your life’s goals & deep desires. You will be shown how to reach full ownership over your life, over your professional career, over your relationships and how to reach a state of radiating health.  You can educate yourself by reading my blogs. Please sign in for them to receive the latest blogs, filled with information and life’s examples. Are you in suffering and do you not want to spend years of slow steps.

Do you want to make a Quantum Leap?  Do you prefer to cut years of pain and suffering? Then you might want to speed up the process by choosing a packages which suits you. Thanks to these packages you will reach the point from where you re-design your life with less effort, more joy, a deeper sense of self love & higher sense of self worth.




the 'Shift your Destiny' enrollment is exclusively for those who sign in here

Enter your email address to subscribe to this mailinglist and receive notifications of the enrollment. Be aware that the only place you can sign up for this life changing online course is here. Also the first 5 enrollers receive a huge Bonus package.

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A Package means you will be mentored for a period of time, varying from 10 to 52 weeks. A few options are mandatory, further we work with a mix & match program. Your pains, so you decide what needs our mutual attention.


Business & Career Package

During this mentor ship we will have our mutual focus on your career and/or your business. Scientist have not yet developed a lot of techniques to proof the levels of existence we will work on.  The results are nevertheless for you what matters. Getting in touch with past events and recognizing its negative influence on the work floor is staggering.

If you want to bring health back in a business, let’s start with the basis, start with its founders. This will effect any one who works for the business. Isn’t it so that all employers are working and supporting the dream of the business owner? So if in certain departments stuff gets cluttered and out of sync, let’s work it all out and bring synchronicity and the joy to work back into the business.

Love & Relationships

Once you get into this field of expertise it is unsettling how the subconscious mind is influencing the decisions we make and the way we treat & handle our relationships. The mix and match options of this package offers a nice mixture of training- and clearing sessions. Clearing = relax, sit back & receive. 

Health & Family

Your caretakers taught you how to feed yourself. It is most likely to have picked up certain viruses & bacteria from them. Family behavioral patterns determine partially how you are capable to gain & how to live a healthy life. Let’s spend  mutual attention to clearing & training how to live an authentic, healthy life.

Let's no longer waste your time. let's start with an introductory of the mandatory sessions:

You will soon learn that these sessions are so valuable to you, that you feel grateful to have agreed with these mandatory sessions. Afterall, you deserve the best assistance in your path of growth and evolution.

1. Diagnostic session 
     To define the gap between your conscious needs and desires and your reality of today, we have to find out what your underlying needs and patterns are. We will have an initial 4 hour session where diagnostics is our priority and the first processes will be set in motion.

You will receive some homework after this diagnostic session, such as creating a mood and or vision board. 


2. 90 days diet aligned with the medical medium Anthony William food protocols. Heal yourself with food.
    It demands a lot of your physical strength once you commence to process unprocessed wounds, shock & trauma’s. So this is why we focus from the beginning on a low fat diet to strengthen your liver and clear out heavy metals  from your whole body. An unhealthy liver influences you whole health negatively. We do this to ensure you it is gentler for you to process the shock and trauma we will uncover.

3. Clearing forces of resistance
  As soon you understand it’s nature, it will be clear why we prioritize it to spend time on this clearing. The resistance you feel if not an emotion, it is a force which gets built up over the years. It starts building up from the moment you where born. This force needs to be out of your way if you want to grow & evolve.  This is why it’s a mandatory session if we all agree you want to make progress in your life. This only takes  an hour, so it can be combined with another option.

4. Basic training 
     Mentor ship without training is just coaching. This is not what you get if you work with Holistic Hellen and her team. With us you will receive a whole spectrum of information & spiritual gadgets. It is our goal that you are able to implement practical  tools & spiritual gadgets whenever life requires it. This means you will receive training in how & when to use practical tools & spiritual gadgets. We  will encourage you to implement these in your life so life teaches you how to benefit from this holistic way of living. In the following month after this training session we are available for basic questions about the practical implementations & results you experience.

So your focus is to learn how & when to implement the proper tool so you can benefit in daily life from your spiritual awareness. You will learn to recognise signals from your body. “What does tension in certain parts of the body tell me when I am in the room with certain persons” or “how  can I shut off a ongoing train of thoughts in a matter of 3 minutes?” It is a surprisingly easy method. It does demand to  use  imagination. Can you do that?  You will enjoy the results.

5. Half yearly evaluation session
     These evaluation sessions are to ensure we are still on the path which is completely focused on your benefits and current path of development. We adjust the actionable plan where justified. We step up the gears where desired. We shut off attention on what you do not want to discuss nor touch. If there is one thing life has taught  me, the most important lesson of this work; “Timing is everything!”  Meaning you have to be ready to make things work.  Evaluation is valuable.

Mix & Match options

No person is the same, each person has their unique qualities and their unique pains and trauma’s. Based upon our years of experiences we have decided to play an open game and allow full transparency for our clients. As you have read above, there a few mandatory options, the rest is mix & match based. For me this reminds me of the days when during the lunchbreak of a class. I went to Maoz in Amsterdam, I loved it when I could choose which vegetables went on my falafel sandwich.  Why should a mentor ship package be any different? So you can decide what support  you need for your unique and personal process.  Don’t you wonder now how life changes once you allow this accelerating holistic approach for your business and personal life?

you haven't accomplished to be where you are today, being narrow minded, have you?

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