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Don’t Believe A Word I Say, Until You Experience Health Improvements Once You Put It To The Test


 Being in a state of burned-out makes you fragile. You are feeling down and depleted. I guess googling was already a burden for you. That is okay you know, being burned out is no joke or escape, it is not a lie. You must understand that many are offering coaching just to make a living. That is not my main game. I offer coaching and healingsteps because I deeply understand what you are going through. I want to clear your path to your restored health. 

 You could be helped by medication, meditation, long walks, changing your diet, and reinventing yourself. But for now I understand that you simply need help from those who can change your state of being. Who can lead you through this wilderness of inner pain of suffering. I cannot help you with medication, but with all the rest I can be of service. I offer even retreats in the heart of beautiful Switzerland. Can you imagine how healing this is for you?

 What do you need to be able to change in your life exactly? You need to be able to tap into your inner courage to change your life, step by step. You are shifting onto a Higher Path of your Destiny. As Holistic Hellen, I facilitate the grace you need to change your Life. By using effortless spiritual gadgets, which will prove to be self-empowering, easy and practical to implement, even when you feel down and depleted.

 You can book packages which includes the 7 effective ways you need to overcome your burnout. I know what it is to be burned out.The recent one blew me of my feet in 2018, and I am back on track again, thanks to all what I have learned since my first burnout in 2003. Now I know that you need a proper change in food diet, You need spiritual healing to be cut lose from the causes of the burnout and one needs coaching to get the future bright and shining.

 I want you to understand we are not our thoughts, we are not our body, and we are not our circumstances. We may have hundreds of thoughts, we have a body which changed from birth to now, and also our circumstances we find ourselves in are changing from moment to moment. This implies there is something else which is the way out of the suffering you identify yourself with.

 I am Holistic Hellen, a Dutch Lady living at Lake Lucerne, Switzerland, doing psychic healing work since 1999. I was almost struck by lightning 3 times, which is in native cultures seen as a sign of God of being a Healer.  I have overcome 2 burnouts, 3 whiplashes, and a whole lot other dramas occurred in my life. Due to my young age I was misdiagnosed by many doctors, which made me struggle within myself, my career, and my social life.

 And guess what? I still love my life..! I love life because I found somewhere deep inside of me the courage to walk the unknown path, the path to restoring health, instead of finding means to suppress all symptoms. Since 2013 I have been finetuning a method which changes lives. This technique is named Shift your Destiny. It is derived from a healing protocol offered by the Spiritual Arts Academy, school for mystics mostly located in Amsterdam.

 Shifting our Life onto a Higher Path of Destiny is all about our acceptance and understanding the process of our Life & Soul, gaining awareness of why certain events occur, why we behave/feel in a certain way. You were Burned out because you were off of your Path of Destiny, or you were busy reaching your goals, which was not supporting your health. So your Soul decided to shut this path down, by providing you a state of being burned out.

 That is okay. From here, you can change your life. Now you have read this far, you probably wish to change your current state of well being. There is something deep inside of you which feels or understands there are no coincidences in our Universe, and you were guided to me. Maybe you were referred to me by somebody I have successfully mentored or a search engine like Google. God works in mysterious ways.

 You have 3 options to benefit from my gifts and talents:
1.)  The Do-It-Yourself way, by reading my blogs and implementing the given information regularly.
2.)  As VIP, I can travel to you, or you can travel to Lake Lucerne, Switzerland. (Limited availability)
3.)  Through private one-on-one Skype sessions

 When working with me, you are becoming aware of your path of Destiny. It is all about you creating your future self-determination based. The blogs and training packages I offer allow you to peel off the rubbish of that what you think you want while clearing and completing karma. You’ll have the chance to align with your soul’s personality & desires.
Uncovering what you as a soul needs to experience, to grow and evolve. Key elements to live the life you came for.



That Shifting your Destiny brings in synchronicity into your life is a Bonus

That Shifting your Destiny makes you restore your health is a Bonus

That Shifting your Destiny makes you gain more joy is a Bonus





    Why don’t you save yourself some time and unnecessary suffering?

Be Ready For Change, Expect The Unexpected…

You Are Enough...



“Hellen helps me with the re-designing my Life.
By assisting me with the Medical Medium Protocoll
& training the practical implementation of extra ordinary
spiritual gadgets, I am in a much more
positive & creative place.”

G. Central Switzerland

“Thanks to working with Holistic Hellen my needs for my spiritual, mental & physical health are being met. It fills my inner voids. She truely works Holistic!”

B. Amsterdam, Netherlands

“What she offers is more than ‘just’ consultancy,
it is a fulfilling & uplifting lifestyle”

J. United States

“For me it is difficult to explain what she does,
I only care that it works!”

R. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Intentioning ° Prayer ° Mantra ° Affirmation

May we become an implement of healing and commit ourselves to the healing of pain and suffering of mankind. May it be with the blessings of the creator so it may manifest in a state of wisdom, love, and compassion.

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