Shift your Destiny


Important to know:

Shift your Life onto a Higher Path of Destiny is all about the acceptance and understanding the process
of your Life & Soul, 
gaining awareness of why certain events occur, why you behave/feel in a certain way.
Becoming aware of your path of Destiny. 
It is also about how to create your future self-determination based

The training packages and blogs allow you to peel off the rubbish of that what you think you want while clearing
and completing karma. You’ll have the opportunity to bring together that what you as a personality wants and desires
with what you as a soul needs to grow and evolve. Key elements to live the life you came to live.

Here you will learn how to connect the dots between the physical, the mental, the emotional, and the spiritual.
Aiming to live your life of freedom you’ll have to face yourself, you’ll learn how to process old covered up wounds,
which for you might seem meaningless, but which blocks you from reaching your dreams and goals.

That Shifting your Destiny makes your life more pleasant is a Bonus.
That Shifting your Destiny makes you gain more joy, and health is a Bonus.

Though for you it might be the goal now.

    Why don’t you save yourself some time and unnecessary suffering?

Be ready for Change, expect the unexpected…

You are worth it.


“Hellen helps me with the re-designing my Life.
By assisting me with the Medical Medium Protocoll
& training the practical implementation of extra ordinary
spiritual gadgets, I am in a much more
positive & creative place.”

“Thanks to working with Holistic Hellen
my needs for my spiritual, mental & physical health
are being met. It fills my inner voids.
She truely works Holistic!”

“What she offers is more than ‘just’ consultancy,
it is a fulfilling & uplifting lifestyle”

“For me it is difficult to explain what she does,
I only care that it works!”

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